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What are digital Raseed/Receipts ?

Digital Raseed/Receipts, also known as Invoice or Bill or Order List are an environment-friendly alternative to sales slips generated.

Sell Online

Increase your sales by selling online to your nearby customers. Use our customer facing brand Alluzo to create your online ship in the Alluzo App. Give a professional delivery experience...

Delivery App

Manage your deliveries via our delivery app. Register your staff as delivery pilots. This app lets your customers track their order status and enables you to offer a slick delivery experience.

Customer Management

Engage with customers before, during and after a sale is made. Create customer profiles, keep tabs on purchase habits and connect with them online and offline.

Shop Promotion

Everytime you send a digital invoice it promotes your shop and sends the most shareable shop card to customers on their smartphone. Since COVID, customers are...

Operation Management

Monitor your sales, understand past present and future of your sales. We have simplified the process for you. You can handle it all from our RaseedBook App.


The Vendor shall pay Rs 2,000 as one time listing facilitation service fee.

Product Upload
Shop Activation
Process Demo
Shop Link
Shop QR Code

Pricing will depend on Online orders worth -

Orders Worth (In Rs.) Price (In Rs.)
0-50,000 . Free
50,001- 1,00,000 Rs 500
1,00,000 - 2,00,000 Rs 1000
2,00,000 - above Custom pricing with dedicated support team

About Us

We are a small team based out of Gurugram who are passionate about building products for local businesses. We strongly believe that if we can equip the local businesses with the right tools at affordable prices, they can still flourish in a post COVID world. We want to act as a springboard for them to take their businesses to the next level and offer their customers a delightful experience. Here’s our founding team :


Ashutosh, a Computer Science graduate from IIT Delhi, has had two years experience working as a software developer. His interests include building scalable software solutions, playing FIFA and running.


Vivek started as a college entrepreneur, where he ran two small businesses - a laundromat and restaurant. He did a brief stint at Volksy Tech as Product Manager before co-founding Alluzo. Vivek is an alumnus of IIM Indore.